Good Morning world, 6:07 on a hazy overcast Monday morning in Montreal. For lack of better creativity, I’ve decided to start a blog, in 2021 eleven years after the blogging boom. Also, for lack of better creativity this blog’s name is heavily leaning towards Montreal-to-go. If you are familiar with zero-waste blog Paris-to-go, this reference will resonate.

As a long-time journalist, avid collector of notebooks, and human who cannot not bring their iPad everywhere (what if I need to write something down!), the writing daily task is not something new. But these writings don’t go anywhere, they live in the privacy of my own home and securely password protected devices. Often, I never re-read the digital work, treating the act of writing as a therapy of some sort, and then leaving the words to die a digital death after they’ve been transcribed from my mind to the page.

This digital method of journal writing is public. Open to any eyes capable of searching and finding the words or topics. Here, as this is public, there is a standard of writing and text that I’d like to hold myself accountable for: interesting text worth reading by another individual, text and story that at bare minimum entertain if it does not educate.

So, blog topic. Why exactly has this endeavour begun? Simply put, to create something ‘physical’ in the digital space. Selfishly, a platform that allows me to explore, learn, test, debate, and critique whatever topics come to my heart’s desire. All good platforms have a unification of topic, a thread that connects one seemingly dissociated topic to another. For mine, and back to referencing Ariana Lorelei, the crafting of a zero-waste life. My zero-waste life will not be quite so black-and-white as the extreme reduction in my consumption (although this is a noble goal everyone should have in mind), rather zero-waste as in the daily work to craft my best life — one with mindful products and people, without garbage and distasteful items.

This topic is fluid, building towards that zero-waste minimalist dream of only being surrounded by useful beauty. The goal is consistency because failure at something completed with genuinely consistency is quite difficult. The goal? Self-expression and exploration — consistency in a topic at hand. Also reprise and solace from my daily career, something that I’ve let consume too much of my headspace.

So, welcome reader to the explorations and writings of a 20-something year old in Montreal. Aiming to deep-dive into any and all topics forwarding to a zero-waste lifestyle, a life that never requires vacation.



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