Did you know electric vehicle charging was super complicated?

I had no clue.

Our garage-orphaned Model S.

At Tesla, whenever I had a client ask about home charging my go-to answer was “talk to a great electrician,” and then refer them to the website.

Fast forward from P90Ds to the cyber truck, I now know electrical room layouts, specific hardware names and the most dynamic and complicated ways that people respond to electrification.

Somehow, I fell into this niche of electric vehicle charging.

This is what I’ve learned:

1. The value of dedicated parking is huge.

2. Being mindful of energy consumption is more important than I thought.

3. Single-family homes have an easier time adding charging.
But again, back to mindful energy consumption– sometimes more power isn’t possible.

4. Multi-family homes are complicated and unique.
Some condos are motivated, proactive, and on top of their financials — it’s great. Eight months later this condo has fully electrified parking for 40-some tenants. Others take a long time, for multitudes of reasons.

5. It’s worth the effort if there is genuine interest, no matter the style of home, to find out how much it costs.
For single-family homes, feel free to contact an electrician. For multi-family homes, do not call your electrician — ask your neighbour(s). But this is a tangent.

6. It all comes down to budget, obviously.

7. The good news: there are a ton of different funding options and programs (like a ton across the US and Canada). This is a great ressource by .

8. The buy-in needed for multi-family homes depends on how neat and tidy the electrical is.

9. The more people join, the less expensive per (generally).

10. It’s worth the effort and the convenience for an EV is 100x (at least!) better.


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