A visual representation of how my mind and space will feel following this project. Design by Nareg Taimoorian for a rug collection.

Good Morning world, 6:07 on a hazy overcast Monday morning in Montreal. For lack of better creativity, I’ve decided to start a blog, in 2021 eleven years after the blogging boom. Also, for lack of better creativity this blog’s name is heavily leaning towards Montreal-to-go.

The shift and uptake in electric vehicles has reached a level unimaginable only five years ago.

The inside of a DCC-9 unit.

Where consumers were concerned about fuel efficiency and price per gallon, we now see electric vehicles roaming soundlessly on the roads, stopping to charge on a trip to the grocery store or just as…

Inflammation in the body’s natural defence response. The image that comes to mind is red, swollen, and pain-ridden after injury, the problems arise when healthy inflammation stays beyond the point of healing.

For me, the unhealthy inflammation manifested in my skin, as brain-fog, and in fatigue. As an individual eating a nutrient-rich and colourful diet (not really with restriction), with regular exercise, and plenty of water this drove me mad.

A two-month elimination-diet had drastic results. At the sixth week my skin…

Tatiana Ramirez

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